Celtica House Concerts

You can now book Celtica for a private live concert in your home or the home of a friend!

Enjoy an intimate musical experience with Celtica right in your own home. 

See the many different instruments of Celtica performed up close.

Learn some of the fascinating history behind these instrument.
Celtica Merchandise will be available for purchase.

Here's how it can work.

You will need a smoke-free, pet-free space for 20-100 people. If you can accommodate more, that’s great. (You’d be surprised at how many you can fit into your living room, basement, or den.) Weather permitting we could have the concert outside in your yard or on your deck.
Snacks and beverages. (Some have BYOB). 
A suggested donation of $15 per person ( all proceeds go to pay musicians )
You can sell tickets in advance or opt. to pay the entire fee yourself.
Concert pricing based on night of the week, travel, and location.

Local advertising (tell your friends, and maybe put up or distribute a flyer).
Many house concert hosts send invitations in advance to friends and neighbors. Sometimes they ask for RSVPs, or even that tickets be bought in advance. You can also choose to open up your house concert to the public, and even advertise it through local radio and newspapers. It’s up to you, and works best when the host (you) is enthusiastic — enthusiasm spreads.

: reserve a date now. Email CelticaBand@yahoo.com or call 812-322-9433