Outdoor Labyrinth Dedication Saturday June 8

Outdoor Labyrinth Dedication Saturday June 8

As an alternative to their usual Second Saturday Labyrinth Walk, North Christina Church will dedicate their newest outdoor Baltic Wheel design labyrinthin a ceremony on the church lawn at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, June 8. Brown County-based regional Celtic band, Celtica, will participate in the dedication and make their just-released instrumental Cd, entitled Labyrinth Walk available at the refreshment table following the dedication. Second SaturdayLabyrinth Walks are a ministry of North Christian Church and are open to the whole Columbus community and beyond, to Christians and non-Christians.

The idea for the CD was birthed when Tammera Lane of Nashville, Tim Dooley of Columbus, and Clancy Clements of Bloomington Indiana were commissioned to perform for a three hour labyrinth walk at North Christian Church two winter solstices ago.Their live meditative music was a wonderful aid in leaving the distractions of the world and drawing nearer to God during this prayerful evening. People who attended that night requested that they make a recording of such music.

Celtica uses a mix of meditative-type traditional Celtic tunes, along with Christian service music and hymns of past centuries on Old World instruments. The band utilizes a wide variety of medieval instruments, along with piano and guitaron this recording such as a couple different kinds of bagpipes, hammered dulcimer, double-bowed psaltery, penny whistles, field organ, and more.

A labyrinth walk is a prayer journey through a circular path called a labyrinth, (unlike a maze that has dead ends and is difficult to navigate). With all its twists and turns it becomes a metaphor for life.One releases on the way to the center, receives in the center, and brings their gift/experience back into the world as they return.

After the opening dedication, this outdoor labyrinth will be open to the public for use anytime as weather permits.