Celtica Stuff!

We just want to thank all our fans who came out to our Saint Patrick's Day Concert and Celtic Fire cd release party. 
Wow! What an awesome night! You guys were FANtastic!! 
We will never forget that night.…

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Ticket Info For Celtica's New CD and Release Party! 

The recording of 'Celtic Fire' is officially complete... mixed, mastered and ready to send off for duplication! Two years in the making, the new Celtica CD shows a distinctively different side of the band from the first CD, 'Labyrinth Walk'. …

Celtica's New CD and Release Party!

Exciting plans in the works for a Saint Patrick's Day ☘️ concert/CD release party with all six members of Celtica on stage for an awesome night of Celtic music! Stay tuned for all the details!

Celtica is back in the studio!

We are really enjoying being in the studio recording Celtica's new CD! It's going to be a high energy Celtic romp through some of our most popular tunes with all band members on board for this project! We should have…

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Merry Christmas From Celtica!

      We had a lovely time at our Celtica Christmas Concert.
The audience was absolutely wonderful. 
You could feel the love throughout the whole sanctuary as we played! 
Many thanks and blessings to all who came out to our concert.
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Celtica's New CD!

I am so excited to announce that Celtica is in the process of recording our new CD. 
Celtica's last CD was the softer more meditative side of Celtica.
This CD will be all high energy Celtic tunes with Celtica's signature… Read more

Thursday Recording

Yesterday was another day in the studio, wrapping up a couple tunes, and recording a couple songs for our EPK (Electronic Press Kit).  It was a good day.  (We need to be taking more photos while in there, and posting…Read more

Indianapolis Airport

We don't have time to send out a mailing about this gig, but we are performing at the Indy Airport today, Saturday April 4th, 5 - 5:45 P.M., in conjunction with the Final Four event.  If anyone happens to be…Read more

a week for healing and comfort through music

This has been a week to provide our music for healing/comforting purposes.  Tim and I played for the Brown County Health & Living Center, then I (Tammera) had a couple other opportunities to play for ill patients at the hospital…Read more

Played for an Alzheimers Unit today

Tim and I played music for Brown County Health & Living Center today, including an Alzheimer's Unit.  Then we continued working on our electronic press kit - gearing up for a tour.  And tweaked out the new look on our…Read more

Tweaking The Website!

Well we had a very productive meeting with a friend of ours that builds websites for the pros. Rich gave us some great advise on redesigning our website. I have made a few changes so far. Stay tuned for more…Read more